What we do

We help our clients reach their business goals more efficiently through modern marketing. We substantially increase the return of investment by improving marketing through increasing impact, lowering production costs, and driving client’s customers value and loyalty. We are a full-service agency that tailors our resources to most effectively create and connect this communication in all channels needed and available, from TV to Social Media to CRM to Product Innovation.

If you feel that your marketing needs to do more – just give us a call and let’s meet to discuss how your needs can best be fulfilled.


For Our CEO: Daniel Sköld +46 768 445 091 by email.

For other general inquiries please mail us here.

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Key People

Daniel Sköld

Daniel Sköld – CEO Finishing university, Daniel joined MTG as an analyst and became Marketing Director for TV3 at the age of 25. Before leaving he was also Head of Marketing for all the groups TV channels and COO for PayTV and Viasat. He then switched between being a senior marketing consultant and assignments as Marketing Director for online companies as Tiscali and Unibet. Daniel left the position as CEO for Digitas Sweden to create Morgenland. When deciding to start it, he was having breakfast in Berlin at the Cafe Morgenland. He also has a degree in cinematic studies which he claims gives authority on what movies are just “crap”.


We are growing and are looking for new talented people to join us. If you are interested in developing brands and communication from a digital core, we´d love to talk to you. In particular we are currently looking for these roles. Shoot an email to info@morgenland.se if you are interested…