Twilfit is Sweden’s leading retail chain in lingerie for the modern woman. They work with Morgenland in positioning their brand into the digital arena, utilizing their large customer loyalty programme and integrating their communications. With over 60 stores around the country, and recently a webshop, their focus is now turning to integrating communication in a digitally agile way. To more efficiently reach and influence their customers. Morgenland’s work for Twilfit is continuous and long term with several activities focused on creating digital activations providing knowledge and inspiration to more than half a million “Twilfit Sisters”.

This is our latest in-store activation. We created a digital home for the Twilfit Sisters, an area in-store where they could enjoy benefits of promotions and activities and in return provide Twilfit a perfect place to recruit new members and to digitalize existing sisters.

in-store activation, Morgenland, Twilfit

Morgenland, twilfit, site update

Another concept we are very proud of is “Dagens under” (a wordplay on “wonder” and “under”), which utilizes customer behavior on Instagram. People already taking part in tagging their outfit with the popular hashtag #todaysoutfit could now add the tag #dagensunder and win matching lingerie that work under their stylish garments. We also targeted some of Sweden’s most prominent bloggers with a hand picked selection of underwear, matching their recent posts and delivered directly to their home. All of the bloggers responded with appreciation for the skillful selections made by Twilfit’s lingerie experts. Several of Sweden’s largest online personalities and media outlets reported on the topic and the hashtag #dagensunder made impact on Twilfit fans Instagram feeds, and underwear drawers.



kwiff concept

Kwiffing the UK

When about to launch a new innovative mobile app in one of the most competitive markets in the world, you might need some help. Kwiff asked for three weeks consultancy that ended up being two years full-time work and relocating to London – and a unique brand finding almost a million new customers.


Morgenland is producing digital applications on iPhone and Android for Mercedes-Benz, based on their desire to strengthen its brand and connect deeper with its core customers through their mobile devices.

We call it Viaplay

Viaplay is the leading digital streaming service provider in the Nordics and is owned by listed international broadcasting group MTG. Viaplay offers premium film, series and sports rights to all Nordic households and competes with Netflix, HBO and other SVOD and traditional Pay-TV operators.

Swish. Pay Easier

Swish is a service collaboration between Sweden’s six largest banks and the only co-operation they have made since the 1950’s.The service is a mobile application that enables users to instantly move money from one mobile to another.

Lance goes KABOO

Not everyday you get to work with a Hollywood legend. Mr Henriksen is the only man that has been killed by Terminator, Alien and Predator. A legendary actor used to working with the biggest movies, franchises and directors. All we wanted was to hear him say “Kaboo”.