Background and challenge

Viaplay is the leading digital streaming service provider in the Nordics and is owned by listed international broadcasting group Modern Times Group (MTG). Viaplay offers premium film, series and sports rights to all Nordic households and competes with Netflix, HBO and other SVOD and traditional pay-TV operators.

TV is going digital and it is happening fast with consumers leading the way. Change in costumer behavior met by new international competitors is disrupting traditional broadcasters and fundamentally reshaping the TV market. Viaplay turned to Morgenland for help with developing a stronger brand position, an integrated communication concept and more efficient creatives driving sales in all channels.


  • Kickstarted a stalled market with new growth of paying subscribers
  • +350.000 new subscribers in the Nordics in the first year. (+82%)
  • Brand tracking from underperformer to clear overperformer in all markets.
  • Increased: Observation +58% , Sender Recall +89% , Message +83% ,  Impact +67%.
  • From #6 to #1 in brand strength in online music and video services (Sweden).

Solution and communication concept

The consumer is in charge in the new media landscape and undisputed insights are that, for non-linear TV, the user experience is highly individual and personalized. Even if consumers will pay the same price for the same service their preferences, habits and usage will be radically different. Morgenland defined a communication concept for Viaplay to be integrated in all medias, for all content categories and for all Nordic countries. The concept was based on establishing a market leader position, a brand promise of “Discover Your New TV”, using consumers as ambassadors and a playful tonality defined as “We call it Viaplay but you can call it whatever you want.”


Content is king in a world of entertainment and MTG acquires some of the strongest rights on the planet. A communication challenge was solved in both integrating the content efficiently in communications and making it connect to Viaplay, especially since much content is shared by sister company Viasat who also offers it as traditional pay-TV. Morgenland devised a communication strategy where driving content still played a key part but was communicated in a different tonality and with guidelines emphasizing the streaming service offer. For creating a communication concept where all units and messages support each other and continuously creates stronger marketing effects, this was integrated in all medias used, from TVCs, trailing, sponsorships, banners, digital activation, print, outdoor, direct mailing, radio, etc.

Display Ads


Sponsorships and trailing

Digital activation

A digital brand is no stranger to interacting and activating its potential customers. Morgenland created the digital activation “CallItWhatYouWant-TV”. Here consumers could choose their favorite scenes and characters from Viaplay’s broad content and personalize their own trailers. Their taste preferences could then be shared with others in all digital medias. See the digital activation site here.


DR, Outdoor, Radio


The Olympics

Defining its position as the strongest premium sports network in the Nordics, MTG also produced and delivered the prestigious Winter Olympics in all their broadcasting and streaming medias. Morgenland delivered, in cooperation with MTG and IOK, the campaign for the digital offer of unlimited coverage through Viaplay, offering more than 1300 hours of streaming at any time and any device. Morgenland created the overall communication for this very special event and also integrated it with the overall brand position and consumer ambassador theme of Viaplay.

Sports content

KIDS content



Morgenland’s work for Viaplay includes strategic positioning, brand promise, visual and audio identity as well as tactically acting as a creative marketing and production department. This includes defining briefs, suggesting campaigns for relevant content, creating material for the service user experience and producing messages in all channels available, including TVC, Sponsorship, Trailing, Social/Viral, Digital Display, Radio, DR, Landing pages, Imagery etc.