The Waterproof Bloggers


Yves Rocher, a leading french Cosmetics brand, came to us with a problem: How can we get younger consumers to talk and interact with Yves Rocher products. “And we don’t believe just banners or TVCs are the most efficient way in driving traffic to our online shops.”

After a discussion with Yves Rocher, we identified products of interest to be marketed in the period. Being summer, the water proof sortiment seemed to be of particular interest. We also identified Nordic bloggers within fashion and cosmetics to be strong influencers for younger target groups. Brand research also pointed us to the perception of Yves Rocher being perceived as a high quality brand image wise but not very present in modern communication channels, perhaps because of its stronger appeal to older, more mature consumers (“… like my mom”).

Morgenland decided that Yves Rocher needed to physically interact and invite key bloggers to meet Yves Rocher. In a way that showed its products but also created excitement and opportunity for prolonged and natural digital story telling.

In July we contacted 4 leading bloggers from Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland to participate in a photoshoot and test of Yves Rochers water proof cosmetics. Dubbed “The Water Proof Challenge” we wanted to get these bloggers to try on the products and then we wanted to test both the products and the bloggers actual endurance with water.

A professional make up artist applied and informed each blogger on the benefits and range of water proof cosmetics. Then we introduced the idea of really putting the cosmetics (and the blogger) to the test through a creation of a Facebook application. Here Yves Rocher´s consumers and the bloggers reader could interact, try and see the results for themselves.

In the Facebook application consumers get to see the make up applied and then choose on how they want to test it on their favourite blogger – either by throwing a water balloon or the contents of a goldfish bowl. The result was shot with high speed cameras, recording the water impact, and the bloggers stone faced reactions. In ultra slow motion of 1.000 frames per second.

The Waterproof Challenge was launched in August of 2011 and integrated co-ordinated editorial, advertising and PR activities targeting Nordic females 15-34 years interested in cosmetics and fashion. In just 2 weeks after the launch 32.000 participants had used the application and tested the products on a blogger, more than 50.000 had watched the behind-the-scenes video on Youtube and Facebook registered 250.000 share views in social media postings.

Yves Rocher and Morgenland is now looking at more relevant products and deeper engagement with ambassadors and consumers. Try it out for yourself at the Facebook page or watch the behind the scenes.

Lance says KABOO

It´s not everyday you get to work with a Hollywood legend. Lance Henriksen is the only man we know that have been killed by Terminator, Alien and Predator. A legendary actor used to working with the biggest movies, franchises and directors. And all we wanted was for him to say “Kaboo”.

Morakniv: a part of us

Morakniv was founded in 1891 but the knife making tradition in Mora goes far beyond that. Caring for a product so deeply ingrained in Swedish culture is quite a project, and something that must be taken with care.

Look Mom! Top of the pops!

We are proud and happy that the FWA have awarded our work for Goliath Sportswear and the international campaign for Premium INC as their Site of the Day, the Webby Honoree and the Dope award.


The communication concept for Superlenny has delivered amazing results in the Nordics and the UK. We are now pleased to introduce another unit in this long living series. Highlighting the width of the brands offer and an updated sportsbook the new commercial was recorded at Stockholm Stadium.

We call it. Viaplay

Viaplay is the leading digital streaming service provider in the Nordics and is owned by listed international broadcasting group MTG. Viaplay offers premium film, series and sports rights to all Nordic households and competes with Netflix, HBO and other SVOD and traditional Pay-TV operators.