Plantagen. Garden Designer


Need help in your garden? Then you should definitely visit Plantagen, the largest and fastest growing garden superstore chain in the Nordic region. Helping dreams come through – we created a digital tool for their gardeners to meet and design gardens together with their customers.

The Garden Planner is a tool that works on every platform and facilitates the meeting between expert and enthusiast. The customer can get advice, purchase tips and design the layout of their garden. Through an easy to use user experience the garden can be planned and the products needed is compiled on a purchase list – connected to Plantagen’s extensive range of offers and the design can be printed and taken home.

Morgenland handles the overall digital communications for this retailer and developed this specific tools from scratch. It is designed to provide a true benefit for consumers and being naturally easy for gardeners to use. We love it and everyone that has used it seem to think alike.

Lance says KABOO

It´s not everyday you get to work with a Hollywood legend. Lance Henriksen is the only man we know that have been killed by Terminator, Alien and Predator. A legendary actor used to working with the biggest movies, franchises and directors. And all we wanted was for him to say “Kaboo”.

Morakniv: a part of us

Morakniv was founded in 1891 but the knife making tradition in Mora goes far beyond that. Caring for a product so deeply ingrained in Swedish culture is quite a project, and something that must be taken with care.

Look Mom! Top of the pops!

We are proud and happy that the FWA have awarded our work for Goliath Sportswear and the international campaign for Premium INC as their Site of the Day, the Webby Honoree and the Dope award.


The communication concept for Superlenny has delivered amazing results in the Nordics and the UK. We are now pleased to introduce another unit in this long living series. Highlighting the width of the brands offer and an updated sportsbook the new commercial was recorded at Stockholm Stadium.

We call it. Viaplay

Viaplay is the leading digital streaming service provider in the Nordics and is owned by listed international broadcasting group MTG. Viaplay offers premium film, series and sports rights to all Nordic households and competes with Netflix, HBO and other SVOD and traditional Pay-TV operators.