Rules of good design


At the moment we are working with some packaging design for our favourite cognac – Grönstedts. This is an anxiety producing process since the legacy of identity here includes a ground work from famous long time design legend Lars Hall, and further development from some pretty prestigious design agencies. Not the mention the weight of a 187 year classic Swedish brand behind it all.

At the same time, the agency are also doing faster and smaller work, for some start up friends of ours. All in need of that defining identity that makes their brand clearer; and all in abundant supply of opinions, ideas and tastes of their own.  Since design work often can be very emotional concerning the heart of the company and sometimes it´s active founders, there can be a lot of discussions around that specific logo proposal. In those moments we sometimes find it good to go back to some simple rules of basic logo design we have set up. Thought we might share it here:

• Dont copycat any popular logo and avoid any current logotrends
• The logo must have some connection to its business
• If the brand name is memorable you may include it in the logo
• Don’t use more than 3 colors and never more than 2 fonts
• It has to be able to resize in all formats and work 1,2,4 color print
• Grandmothers must be able to read it
• Find and use some form of unique shape
• Avoid gradients, drop shadows, reflections, and all intricate details
• Test the logo in environments it will actually be used
• Do not attach a tagline to the original logo design
• And lastly – Folllow the above rules<