Bauhaus – Blades of Badness


Do-It-Yourself home improvement giant Bauhaus found a perfect match in the sponsorship of TV4´s ”Gladiatorerna”. But with all that awareness and attitude comes a need for activation, consumer interaction and digitally prolonging a campaign. In order to connect with viewers and customers we decided to let Bauhaus own muscle men provide some entertainment. In ”Guess The Power Tool” Facebook users can watch the big guys imitate and describe their favourite power tool. If they guess correctly they can win one and pick it up at nearest Bauhaus store.

By connecting a TV sponsorship with Facebook activation we are already getting a lot of people to figure out what kind of tools the ”Brutal Cutter of Chaos”, ”Master Blade of Thunder” and ”Raging Rotations of Fury” can be. Try it out at their Facebook Page.


Morakniv: a part of us

Morakniv was founded in 1891 but the knife making tradition in Mora goes far beyond that. Caring for a product so deeply ingrained in Swedish culture is quite a project, and something that must be taken with care.


Look Mom! Top of the pops!

We are proud and happy that the FWA have awarded our work for Goliath Sportswear and the international campaign for Premium INC as their Site of the Day, the Webby Honoree and the Dope award.


Caromba your car

What happens when people behind Sweden’s largest chain of car repair shops and the largest online classified service decide to do something together? Well, the world’s first online booking for auto repairs through the internet is born.


We call it. Viaplay

Viaplay is the leading digital streaming service provider in the Nordics and is owned by listed international broadcasting group MTG. Viaplay offers premium film, series and sports rights to all Nordic households and competes with Netflix, HBO and other SVOD and traditional Pay-TV operators.


BOKUS. IRONIC REVIEWS – owned by Sweden’s leading book retailer, Akademibokhandeln – is one of the largest online book stores in the Nordics. Morgenland helped Bokus with digital marketing and Youtube films targeted to picky university students.